Centexbel sets great store by the satisfaction of its customers and is therefore continuously improving the quality of its services. However, we cannot exclude the occurrence of mistakes and misunderstandings. If you are displeased with one of our staff members, with our service or whichever aspect of our organisation, we emphatically invite you to inform us about it as soon as possible.

All complaints, remarks or disputes about the evaluation and certification of your products are taken very seriously and treated accordingly. Whenever possible we will look together with you for an appropriate solution.

You may express your complaint orally to the member of our staff who has performed the service, to the head of the service department in question or to any Centexbel staff member. Each complaint will be carefully registered in our internal follow-up systems.

If you sense that no satisfactory solution is reached, you can file your complaint in writing to the direction. The complaint and your point of view have to be clearly defined. Anonymous complaints will not be dealt with.

If you do not agree with a decision concerning the attribution of a certificate, you may appeal against it. This must be done in writing and addressed to the direction. The reasons for not agreeing have to be clearly defined. You have the possibility to present your file officially to the certification committee treating your appeal.

The director-general of Centexbel will verify the admissibility of the appeal. To be admissible, the appeal has to be substantiated with reasons and relate to a decision taken by Centexbel. The admissibility is in no way related to the legitimacy of the reasons.

If the appeal is declared non-admissible, the director-general will inform all parties involved about the reasons of this declaration of non-admissibility.

If the appeal is declared admissible, the director-general of Centexbel will convene a certification or appeal committee. This committee will unite the certification manager and a product certification officer not involved in the certification dossier against which an appeal has been lodged. The committee will examine the dossier to maintain or modify the decision regarding the certification. This will be communicated in writing to all parties involved.

In any case, an appeal against a decision related to certification shall always be completed within four weeks.