Contemporary textile factories are modern, automated production units where experts deliver quality products based on thorough scientific research and laboratory trials.

Other industrial sectors have discovered the unique assets of textiles and are applying this material more and more as a valuable technical product in the same manner as they do other components made from metal, concrete, ceramic, plastic or glass.

Producers of more traditional textiles too (clothing textiles, carpets, upholstery) are following this trend of creating innovative and high-tech products. They too want to distinguish themselves by marketing innovating products with a high added value that comply with the most severe client specifications and legal standards. Therefore many producers of clothing or bedding textiles rightly choose to have their products (eco)labelled.

Centexbel supports the Belgian textile industry in their search and development of novel and quality products by offering a series of tools, including specialised textile tests, flaw analyses, technological and environmental advice, innovation support, information and brainstorming sessions and research projects…

In short, Centexbel helps your company to translate ideas into concrete concepts and products. We will also test their quality, composition and legal conformity and verify together with you the necessity and manner in which to proceed to protect your intellectual property rights.