Health, Safety & Security

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For ages on end, textiles are being used in medical and hygienic applications and are as such a major topic in Centexbel's research, testing and consulting activities.

Medical and bio-functional textiles

Centexbel examines and evaluates innovative and optimised medical textiles and textile care products such as surgery gowns and drapes, compresses, bandages, prostheses and biologically degradable materials for the reconstruction of bone tissues, protective clothing against laser beams during surgical operations.

Textile care and hygiene

Centexbel evaluates textile cleaning processes, biocides, treatment and (re)conditioning of woven and non-woven textiles ...

Ergonomics and comfort

Centexbel is very active in the field of research and development of smart textiles destined for remote and continuous health monitoring of patients, elderly persons and disabled people.

Also in the field of wellness, Centexbel and the textile sector are in touch with new trends and the extremely varied offer of added functionalities in textiles such as:

  • personal hygiene by means of odour repellent and absorbing, cleaning and anti-allergic textiles
  • comfort by means of watertight and breathing, thermo-isolating, thermo-regulating, light emitting, antistatic textiles
  • body care by cosmetotextiles containing deodorants and displaying hydrating or slimming effects - the textiles are in direct contact with the skin and release cosmetic products such as caffeine, aloe vera, algae extracts... with a stimulating and relaxing effect.

Personal risk analysis and safety

Research, product development, testing, certification and consultancy activities in the field of protective clothing, indoor air quality, emissions of VOC, burning behaviour, toxic aspects, and textiles in contact with food... and protection of working people.

Centexbel is specialised in the evaluation of personal protective equipment against the penetration of chemical products (permeation), biologically hazardous liquids, viruses and bacteria (protective suits, masks and gloves) and of high visibility clothing.