New textile applications

On the crossroads of industrial sectors

Textiles possess interesting properties, not only because of their unique shapes (fibres, yarns…) and flexible manifestations, but also because of the enormous range of different materials and surface properties. Therefore they open many possibilities, especially in those applications on the crossroads between different industrial sectors.

Together with textile companies and fellow research centres, Centexbel explores these cross-sectoral applications.

  • Centexbel is closely following the evolution in textile reinforced composites . Of course Centexbel is especially focused on textile reinforced structures, an aspect in which the centre can use its full competence.
    An interesting route is indeed offered by thermoplastic composites. The market share of these materials is growing rapidly with more than 10% per year. Thermoplastic composites are especially interesting to the textile sector because of the possibility to transform flexible fibre structures into matrices. Besides fibre production, there are plenty promising challenges to be found in fibre transformation, yarn and web blends and in the production of woven and knitted structures adapted to the needs of the composite industry.
  • The market of Bio-composites is also growing rapidly presenting interesting opportunities for textiles. In the production of bio-composites, natural fibres are dominantly used as fibre reinforcement. In this respect, the automotive sector has been applying hennep/PP combinations since many years. New applications are being explored within this growth market.
  • In collaboration with the industry Centexbel investigates the application possibilities of textiles in e.g. the packaging sector, the marine and maritime industry, the care sector, etc.