Unified European patent in 2017?

It is to be expected that the first applications for a unified European patent will be filed in 2017. A recent communication of the Unified Patent Court (UPCA) sets forth the date of December 2017.

For the time being, the UK decided not to refer to Brexit in this instance.

Our patent cell will follow up and keep you informed on the 2017 evolutions in this field.

Certification of speed pedelec helmets now possible

Following the publication of a standard for fast electric bicycles (speed pedelecs, S-EPAC's), NTA 8776, it is now possible to certify speed pedelec helmets to this standard. In cooperation with an expert group NEN has developed the certification scheme NCS 8776 in which requirements for certification bodies (CB's) are written down to certify to NTA 8776.

The CB's, the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI) in Brussels, Belgium and Telefication, in Zevenaar, the Netherlands have made a license agreement with NEN to certify to NCS 8776.

8 S(P)EEDKITS developments available on the market

Next to offering novel and practical solutions to displaced people and refugees, the S(P)EEDKITS project has resulted in a commercial success for the companies participating in the European funded research programme.

Catalisti officieel gelanceerd


Speerpuntcluster chemie en kunststoffen officieel gelanceerd onder nieuwe naam Catalisti

Tax deduction for innovation

2017 announces itself as a fine year to introduce a patent application according to the recent messages on the changes in fiscal deductions for innovation targeted on patent products. The law that will be retroactively applicable on July 1, 2016 has now been presented to the council of state.

HARTig en Zoet tijdens de warmste week

radio.pngTijdens de week voor Kerstmis van 18 tot en met 24 december organiseert Studio Brussel de elfde editie van de geldinzamelactie Music For Life. Net als de voorbije drie edities bepalen de deelnemers zelf welk goed doel ze ondersteunen. Enkele Centexbel collega's stelden voor om elke dag van deze week twee soorten soep te maken en tal van lekkere dessertjes.

Free is getting better!

Patents are an interesting source of knowledge, although it remains quite difficult to collect information from patents. Several databases and search engines provide patent literature, and some of them provide it for free. The two best known free search engines have announced some changes at the annual Patent Information Conference. Free is even getting better!

Vlaams innovatiebeleid kiest voor chemie en kunststoffen

De Vlaamse overheid heeft beslist om de chemische industrie en kunststoffen aan te duiden als een speerpunt-cluster in zijn vernieuwd innovatiebeleid. De nieuwe speerpunt-cluster moet duurzame innovaties in de chemie en kunststoffen stimuleren door intensieve en sectoroverschrijdende samenwerkingsverbanden op te zetten tussen kleine en grote ondernemingen, kennisinstellingen en overheidsorganisaties.

Belgium gratified London Protocol

As of January 1, 2017 Belgian patent law changes: the European Patent granted in English, French or German will have the same effect as a Belgian patent without any further translation requirements.

Openbedrijvendag in beelden