Standardisation is the process of implementing and developing technical standards based on the consensus of different parties including companies, users, interest groups, standards organisations and governments.
Standardisation facilitates the compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability and quality of products and/or processes. Market intake is an important issue for newly developed product (groups), such as smart textiles and textile products. Product standards with clearly defined definitions and test methods, health and safety considerations will inspire trust in new products.

Centexbel is authorized by Fedustria to defend the interests of the Belgian textile industry in the European and international standardisation commissions and work groups related to textiles.

In addition, Centexbel is recognized by the Belgian Bureau for standardisation NBN as a sector operator for a number of CEN and ISO standardisation commissions and sub-commissions.

Draft Standards

Your company has the opportunity to comment on draft standards related to textiles.

An important tool in this respect is LIVELINK put at the disposal of all parties concerned by NBN and where all information is accessible via a password. This tool will be increasingly used as an online ballotting system.

Participation in standardisation commissions

If you would like to participate in the activities of the Belgian standardisation commissions, or if you want to cooperate as a Belgian expert in one or more CEN or ISO groups, please contact Karin Eufinger.

You are welcome to file your application online. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to go through the details together.

The annual participation fee is included in Centexbel’s membership fee. If your company is not yet a Centexbel member, please feel free to contact us.

Conditions and other regulations are mentioned in the Special Code of Rules of the NBN Commission managed by sector operator Centexbel. Submitting the application form pressuposes that you have read, understood and explicitely accepts the conditions.