Technical textiles

Technical textiles: a varied collection of promising textile products

The future of the European textile industry is closely related with the growth perspectives of technical textiles and with the high added value of technical and complex textile products.

conductive fabric

Tanks to their high level of specialisation and the various applications, producers of technical textiles are less liable to the harsh international competition that is mainly focused on the mass production of cheap products.

Technical textiles unite divergent textile products and materials for different markets that can be grouped by “TECH”- words according to their final application (e.g. MEDTECH for medical textiles, BUILDTECH for construction textiles, AGROTECH for textiles used in the agricultural sector, PROTECH for protective clothing, INDUTECH for textiles in industrial applications, such as filters...). More and more sectors are seduced by the (combination of) interesting properties of technical textiles, such as light weight, strength, flexibility, functionalisation, acoustics, recycling… and will apply them in their proper production processes and products.