Your Money or your Life in Healthcare


Je geld of je leven in de gezondheidszorg (Your Money or your Life in Healthcare)

During the last two decennia, Lieven Annemans, Key-note speaker at the second European Conference on Innovations in Textiles for Healtcare, has become one the most freguently quoted health economists in Flanders. He lectures at the universities of Brussels, VUB and UGent and also carries out researches for the thinktank Itinera.

In his book 'Je geld of je leven in de gezondheidszorg" and based on real stories, Lieven Annemans describes how money (or the lack of it) determines our health. He exposes unequal chances and strange practices in our healthcare system and shows the reader how to raise his voice in the matter.

ISBN : 9789461314970
Date of publication : 03/09/2016
Pages: 159
Publisher : Van Halewyck
Language: Dutch