SmartX is short for "European Smart Textiles Accelerator". Innovation projects supported through the SmartX Accelerator programme will focus on connecting promising design prototypes and a growing end market interest in smart textiles and wearables.

To market such products quickly and at a reasonable price requires a novel industrial value chain composed of manufacturers of textiles and microelectronics, integrators and assemblers, data processing and IoT experts, manufacturing technology providers, distributors, funding providers and end users.

The SmartX Accelerator will establish a portfolio of up to 40 Trailblazer projects, which will scout and explore one or more stages of this new value chain with a focus on critical manufacturing steps.

The projects will be selected by an international selection committee of recognised experts in smart textiles.

Press release

Smart X should boost smart textiles innovation in Europe with a specific focus on developing a full smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe to help drive promising prototypes faster to market. During the 3 years project we will launch 3 funding calls expecting to support up to 40 individual projects with a total funding of € 2.4 million.

In addition, all supported companies will receive free coaching by project experts on how to overcome the main obstacles for commercialization of their smart textile innovations.

The SmartX project has consortium of 13 partners from 7 European countries. It was a pleasure to get together with Centexbel, Up-tex, Steinbeis Zentrum, Citeve, IFM, Sourcebook, DSP- Valley, CITC, DITF, TEXFOR, POINTEX and Smart Textiles at the project kick-off meeting in Brussels on 3rd May.

The next action will be the SmartX Thinkathon organized with Messe Frankfurt on 13-14 May. In the afternoon of 14th May a public information session will be organized at Techtextil-Texprocess in Frankfurt - come and join us in hall 3 C West meeting room Aspekt at 3 pm.

Press release

High-potential markets

  • protective wear incl. sports gear
  • industrial applications
  • health care and wellbeing

In addition to funding and coaching innovation projects, SmartX will also develop a web-based collaboration platform for European smart textiles experts.


SmartX is Co-funded by the H2020 programme of the European Union under GA n. 824825