The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) recognizes ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification as third-party indicator of conformance with its MRSL requirements.

What does that actually mean?

Colourants, auxiliaries and other chemical formulations certified by ECO PASSPORT also meet Level 1 of ZDHC’s Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL). For ZDHC Level 1, this means that chemical formulations have been verified by laboratory testing. Rest assured that the ECO PASSPORT certification still requires a screening according to the existing OEKO-TEX® RSL/MRSL and analytical testing performed in one of the laboratories of the OEKO-TEX® member institutes, such as Centexbel.

Are there other ZDHC Levels?

Yes, and through future development of our ECO PASSPORT, we are working to soon have ECO PASSPORT deliver ZDHC Levels 2 and 3 MRSL conformance. Of course, we will keep you updated on this matter.

What does this mean for ECO PASSPORT certified chemicals?

Our collaboration with ZDHC allows chemical suppliers to be visible on our OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide as well as the ZDHC Chemical Gateway. Both resources should help supply chains find and use more sustainable chemistries.

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