Functional Thermoplastic Textiles

Materials of various origins

Textiles are made from a large number of quite diverse materials, such as vegetal, animal, mineral and synthetic materials. Recently, oil shortages and environmental concerns (responsible use of energy sources, greenhouse effect) have resulted into a more intense search of alternative materials to replace oil derivates. At the same time, more severe ecological and humanitarian requirements are being imposed onto the production of cotton and other natural fibres.


Biomaterials are looking very promising as an alternative source. However, much research and development is still need to optimise the properties of bio-based textiles. Centexbel is taking a lead in this field by introducing and performing research projects and by investing in specialized lab equipment to produce and test these novel fibres.

New and/or smart materials

Centexbel also researches the possibilities stimuli-reactive materials, functional fibres (e.g. conductive fibres), nano-additives... to develop novel, functional textiles with a high added value.

Optimisation of existing and development of novel textile products by R&D in the field of :

  • extrusion
  • electro-spinning
  • functional fibres
  • nano-additives
  • bi-components
  • nano-components
  • hybrid materials
  • shape memory polymers
  • bio-polymers
  • smart textiles
  • eco-materials ...