Centexbel, the scientific and technical research centre of the Belgian textile industry, is an institution recognised by the application of the Royal Decree of January 30th, 1947 (a.k.a. "Law De Groote"). Its mission - in close co-operation with Fedustria - is to promote research and technological development with the intention of enhancing the cost-effectiveness, quality and production capacity of the Belgian textile industry.

Joint membership

The statute of "Centre De Groote" implies that Centexbel has been founded to assist and advise your company, regardless of its size or the nature of its textile products. Our experts are at your entire disposal to answer all your questions on materials, techniques, standards, new processes, client specifications....

By application of the royal decree of January 30th, 1947, all textile companies in Belgian are joint members and therefore obliged by this law to pay an annual contribution, that equals to 0.225 °/°° of the added value realised by the activities subject to the Centre's competence, provided however that this contribution is not inferior to the minimal contribution as described in the following paragraph.

Companies employing less than 11 employees will pay a minimal contribution (equal to sixteen times the average gross hourly wages of the men and women working in the textile industry during the month of October of the year preceding the fiscal year for which the contribution is due).

In return to your contribution, Centexbel offers a broad spectrum of advantages and interesting opportunities, access to actual scientific and technological information, research projects, assistance in applying for financial support of innovation projects.... so that your company too may introduce the latest technologies and adapt to the contemporary commercial demands.


  • free subscription to the electronic newsletter "Centexbel INFO"
  • access to the standardisation activities of Centexbel
  • a discount on testing and consulting services according to the conditions mentioned in the official pricelist
  • participation in research projects under favourable conditions
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and events

Which companies are joint members?

Any natural or legal person whose main or secondary activities involve the industrial transformation of natural or other textile materials in the different stages of their transformation process, or the production of fibres and yarns, other than the natural ones, for textile applications – art. 2 of the Royal Decree of 9-9-1975-

The independents or companies exclusively occupied in contracting or homework activities. Double usage is excluded while the companies for which they work account for this work in their declarations.

Persons or companies purchasing textile products that they have transformed by third parties and subsequently sell without performing any transformation themselves.


  • The membership and annual contribution fee are mandatory
  • The yearly contribution fee is calculated according to the added value or fixed at the minimal contribution for companies employing less than eleven employees
  • The contribution is exempt from any form of taxes. It may therefore be deducted from the taxable profit
  • Every year, you will be invited to complete a contribution form on which basis the due contribution will be computed

Persons or companies who have shut down their textile activities, are requested to provide proof thereof, e.g. publication in the Belgian Law Gazette, striking out of entry in the register of business names, etc.

Associated membership

Companies or company groups with a social seat within the EEA (European Economic Area) can become an associated member of Centexbel on the condition of payment of the annual membership contribution. The Centexbel direction reserves the right to refuse candidates or to cancel any existing membership.


  • a free subscription on the monthly electronic publication "Centexbel INFO"
  • access to the standardisation activities of Centexbel
  • a discount on testing and consulting services according to the conditions mentioned in the official pricelist
  • participation in research projects under favourable conditions
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and events


  • The membership contribution amounts to € 500,00 (less than 50 employees) and € 1250,00 (more than 50 employees) per juridical entity
  • The associated membership is tacitly renewed. Cancellation shall proceed in writing at least 3 months before the end of the current working year. In the event of cancellation, the contribution will be considered as being definitely acquired by Centexbel.
  • The associated membership of a company cannot be transferred
  • A membership started in the course of the year does not involve any retroactivity concerning membership discounts on previously performed testing and consulting orders
  • Centexbel has the right to make your affiliation public

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Online subscription form

By subscribing, the applicant explicitely accepts the above-mentioned conditions related to the associated membership.

Questionnaire for members only

This form helps you to contact us directly concerning the benefits of your membership.

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Membership benefits

Centexbel distinguishes between a selling price for members and a selling price for non-members. The difference is at least 10%. 

However, this distinction does not apply for services, of which the tariffs have been established in consultation with or by third parties (e.g. OEKO-TEX®, GuT, Authorities…).

Centexbel customers (members and non members) will be able to enjoy a 5% or 10% sales discount (in addition to the members' discount) if the following conditions are fulfilled :

  • the sales discount is computed on the turnover for those services to which the member's tariffs apply
  • this turnover is realised between January 1st and December 31st of the calendar year
  • this bonus amounts to 5% for companies having realised an annual turnover of more than € 5.000 (excl. VAT) or to 10% for companies with an annual turnover exceeding €10.000 (excl. VAT)
  • the sales bonus will automatically be applied to all invoices of the entire next year.

Net contracts may be made for very large series. Such net contracts, however, will not be taken into account for calculating the turnover bonus.

Members also receive special rates for training sessions.