A merger with added value

Since the textile and plastic processing industry are working with the same polymers and additives and are often confronted with similar - even identical - challenges, opportunities and needs, a merger between both competence centres was the obvious solution to optimize, reinforce and expand our research and activities in the field of:

vkc lab

Polymer lab in Kortrijk

  • bio-polymers
  • replacement of harmful chemicals
  • recycling of polymer and composite materials
  • (nano) additives
  • incorporation of smart materials
  • material compounding

    Factories of the Future

    Centexbel-VKC has taken the lead in the Fabriek voor de Toekomst "New Materials", a cluster of textile and plastic converting companies that is mainly active in the Province of West-Flanders. The region - known for its flax and textile companies - has been transformed in a top region of plastic converting, textile and design entrepreneurs.

    Centexbel-VKC in Kortrijk is the knowledge hub where companies can further develop their expertise. 


    Our plastic characterisation laboratory in Kortrijk offers a whole series of tests, that is completed with the tests performed in our labs in Ghent and Grâce-Hollogne.

    R&D projects

    Centexbel-VKC has created a research group dedicated to plastic materials, products, processes and recycling. Because of the common interests with the textile industry based on the use of identical/similar raw materials and additives, there is an intens collaboration with the other R&D groups.

    Pilot Platform

    By facilitating and hosting the Factory of the Future, new materials, we have put several machines at the disposal of the industry to produce samples or small production runs.

    Professional training

    Every spring and autumn, we organise a series of theoretical and practical professional trainings for the employees of the plastic converting industry. This offer is complemented with information sessions, seminars and conferences.