The Benelux Patent Platform is a large-scale project implemented for the Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg) in the field of patents. It constitutes a set of IT applications and infrastructure for supporting the establishment, processing and tracking of each of the key patent elements throughout all the stages of the patent life-cycle. The Benelux Patent Platform is at your disposal since the end of 2014 and helps you to retrieve and check the validity of Belgian patents very easily. Link to the Benelux Patent Platform The Benelux Patent Platform is a tool in support of the new Belgian legislation on patents and is designed to electronically introduce a patent application. From now on, you have also the right to apply in English, provided a translation in one of the three official languages follows within trhee months. Later on, the Benelux Patent Platform wiil also be launched in the Netherlands and Luxemburg.