POY yarn extrusion

Melt extrusion of continuous textile fibres is possible by two techniques: (B)CF and POY yarn extrusion. CF extrusion is typically used to produce more voluminous fibre types, for carpet or upholstery yarns. Reinforced POY yarns are suited for technical applications. The (B)CF extrusion process is often prefered because of the lower production costs. Read more (Dutch)

PBS yarn extrusion

Polybutylene succinate is a biodegradable synthetic aliphatic polyester. PBS is produced from succinic acid and 1,4-butanediol. These monomers can be petrol or biobased. Although the current grades are almost entirely based on petrochemical monomers, it is expected that large amounts of biobased monomers will soon be available on the market (upto 630 kton per year in 2020). Read more (Dutch) The results have been obtained in the VIS-trajectory DURBIO, with the financial support of the IWT [IWT 110799].