From 23 March 2016 onward, the Office will be called the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Community trade mark will be called the European Union trade mark.

New tariffication "Pay for what you need":

The fee system at the EUIPO will change from the fee system applied by OHIM. The system will change from a basic fee that covers up to three classes of goods and services to a "pay-per-class" system. In the area of fees, the Amending Regulation introduces the following changes:
  • a new one-fee-per-class system for application and renewal fees
  • an overall decrease in fees payable to the Office
  • the incorporation of the provisions of the CTM Fees Regulation into the basic regulation
The Community trade mark included protection for three classes, costing €900 for an electronic application and €1 050 for a paper application. The Amending Regulation sees the Office move to a one-class-per-fee system. This means that in practice applicants will pay a lower fee if they only apply for one class, the same fee if they apply for two, and a higher fee if they apply for three or more. Renewal fees are substantially reduced in all instances and set to the same level as application fees, and there are also reductions in opposition, cancellation and appeal fees.