Mechanical energy recovery (MER) systems are used to produce renewable electricity adapted to the low voltage batteries applied in several electronic devices, such as smartphones.

MER systems are based on piezo-electric materials. In this context, the piezo-electric biopolymers (PA11, PLA) are offering several advantages in the field of carbon footprint, price and design.

Current techniques for plastic converting and textile production are suited to develop 100% polymer MER products by means of multicomponent piezo-electric textile structures. These high tech innovative products open interesting markets for the sme's located in the border region.

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BIOHARV unites the expertise of Mines Douai, ARMINES, UMons, Centexbel, UVHC and ULille1. The BIOHARV R&D activities will assure a rapid development of MER prototypes. During the project the energy performance and durability will be further improved. Technical workshops will be organised to stimulate the application of 100% polymer MER and to found industrial partnerships.


The aim of BIOHARV is to develop the necessary knowledge and expertise in the region to produce and characterise 100% polymer MER prototypes. The project will assist the local textile and plastic converting industries in implementing this technology.