Research shows that 30 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today it's down to three or four minutes. The main reason for this increased hazard is that the (synthetic oil-based) materials that are now mainly used to build houses, or to manufacture household appliances and furniture will burn a lot faster. Burning behaviour and the restistance to heat and flames are also important properties of protective clothing and gloves, nightwear, toys and the interior of (public) transportation means.

Centexbel's fire laboratory is completely equipped to analyse the burning behaviour of textiles and plastics, and to issue the necessary certificates.

In conformity with the applying national and international standards and with the European regulations, Centexbel carries out tests which results are valid in all EU member countries, the United Kingdom, the United States ...

Efficience antifongique

Détermination de l'activité antifongique - Agar Diffusion Plate Test

Inflammabilité de meubles, de lits, de matelas et d'articles de literie

Les essais d'inflammabilité sont des procédures d'essais cruciales en vue de la sécurité en cas d'incendie.

L'efficacité des traitements antimicrobiens

Résistance au développement bactérien

Viellissement accéléré de matières plastiques

Le vieillissement accéléré consiste en exposant des produits pendant une certaine période ou pendant un cycle déterminé à des conditions climatologiques conditionnées.